The LINCOLN HIGHWAY HERITAGE BYWAY program is a community-driven, statewide initiative to “tell the story of the places and people of the byway”.

  • We work to improve the quality of life for Iowans in Lincoln Highway communities, as well as to enhance the experience for travelers along the byway.
  • We are committed to the conservation, preservation and responsible use of all of the byway’s natural, historical, cultural and community resources.
  • We strive to strengthen the economic vitality of Lincoln Highway communities by building on local assets and sharing them with others across the state and country.

The Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway is Iowa’s longest and most historic byway. Stretching across the state, the byway travels more than 460 miles of history, recreation and welcoming Iowa communities.

The Lincoln Highway was the first improved highway across the United States. Learn more about the byway and its history, find out about attractions and events along the byway with our Interactive Trip Planner, learn about our programs and get information about all of Iowa’s Byways.

Traveling on the byway, you’ll experience rural landscapes and urban vitality, original landmarks like service stations and road markers from the early days of the Lincoln Highway, as well as the wide range of Iowa’s unique topography. Based on the historical routes of the Lincoln Highway, the byway features many loops — paved and unpaved — that give you a feel for the history of the road and what it was like to travel in the original days of the automobile.

Please join us and thousands of other travelers along the Lincoln Highway, America’s original Main Street. We’ll see you on the Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway!