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The Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway Activity Guide explores the history and attractions, county by county, along the Lincoln Highway in Iowa including easy-to-use maps. It can be downloaded here or picked up at welcome centers, businesses, and attractions throughout Iowa. 

Generous funding for the creation of the byway brochure was provided by Iowa Tourism and Prairie Rivers of Iowa.

The Iowa Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway Recreation & Camping Guide takes you to recreational opportunities, and places to unwind and camp along the Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway. Where will your sense of adventure take you next?

Generous funding for the creation of the byway brochure was provided by Iowa Tourism and Prairie Rivers of Iowa.


Celebrating the 1919 U.S. Army Convoy on the Lincoln Highway details the route a 1919 U.S. Army Convoy of 72 vehicles and 297 men (including a young Lieutenant Colonel Dwight Eisenhower) took across the United States to test roads and military mobility. Included in this count were: motorcycles, ambulances, an officer’s work truck, searchlight and tank trucks, a mobile kitchen, an engineering shop, civilian vehicles containing three tire manufacturers, several automobile companies, reporters, and “good road” boosters.

Hey Junior Explorers! The Adventures Along the Lincoln Highway Activity Book is for you! Learn about the Lincoln Highway as the route travels from New York to California going through Iowa from Clinton to Council Bluffs.

There’s a word search, crossword puzzle, a maze, and even a BINGO game to play as you travel the highway. You’ll learn and have fun with this booklet.

Explore the fifteen kid-friendly businesses or attractions highlighted and as you visit be sure to stamp the space on the back. When you have at least eight of the 15 stamps collected, turn the page or book into the byway to the address shown on page one. Once we get it, we’ll send you a prize!

Generous funding for the creation of this byway brochure was provided by the Iowa Lincoln Highway Association.

Eastern Iowa’s Breweries, Distilleries, and Wineries Iowa is home to the most fertile soil in the world and today ranks #1 as America’s top corn producer. How did we arrive at this title? The landscape has changed drastically since the first settlers arrived in June 1833. Early settlers found 80 percent of Iowa covered with tallgrass prairie with some plants 8-10 feet in height. Mulberries, strawberries, blackberries, and gooseberries were found in the wild, readily available just for the picking. These Iowans brought their knowledge of wine, beer, and liqueur making with them and production was privately consumed.

This project paid for in part by the Iowa Tourism Office and participating businesses.

To learn more about all of Iowa’s Byways, read the Iowa Byways Travel Guide.

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