Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway Interpretive Master Plan

Lincoln Highway Interpretation can play a major role in guiding the organization to the conservation of natural and cultural resources. A primary goal of interpretation is to promote responsible visitor use and support for a site. Visitors who have a connection to the resources tend to become advocates for the byway and protect its resources.

Core Values

Core values are principles that bind an organization together and support the mission. Prairie Rivers of Iowa has five established core values. Several of these values relate to the development of interpretation along the byway:

1. Advocate: Sustainable stewardship practices extend beyond natural resources. Interpretation fosters connections between visitors and byway resources that lead to preservation, restoration, and protection of natural, historic, and cultural features.
2. Partner: This plan introduces numerous interpretive projects that provide ideal opportunities for partnerships between Prairie Rivers of Iowa and individuals, organizations, and communities.
3. Educate: An “environment of conservation” extends beyond the natural world to include historic and cultural resources. This plan recommends interpretive media and programs to tell the holistic story of the Lincoln Highway.

Included in the Plan

The Interpretive Master Plan gives a background history of the Lincoln Highway, its vision and goals, target audience,  interpretive resources and media, themes and messages.

The complete Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway Interpretive Master Plan can be found via the link below. 

Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway Interpretive Master Plan

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Henry Ostermann
Interpretive Panel Unveiling Video
August 15. 2019
Montour, Iowa

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