Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway Management

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Prairie Rivers of Iowa, an Ames, Iowa-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, manages the Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway for the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Iowa Byways program. Prairie Rivers of Iowa is dedicated to the responsible stewardship and conservation of Iowa’s natural and historical resources.

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We’re often asked what it means to “manage” a byway. Prairie Rivers of Iowa serves as the public face of the Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway. We work closely with the Iowa Lincoln Highway Association, communities that lie along the byway, and other groups to promote the Lincoln Highway, encourage heritage travel, and assist local governments and organizations in accomplishing their goals for the Lincoln Highway area. We assist businesses, attractions, and events in sharing their information to interested patrons. We share the story of the people and places of the Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway around the state.

The Iowa Department of Transportation Byway Program requires each Byway to create a Corridor Management Plan (CMP) to help frame these efforts.  The Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway created a new CMP in 2014-2016. The CMP tells the history of the Lincoln Highway and its importance to the nation, identifies stakeholders, outlines the current condition of the road and planned changes to the road, identifies projects and programs the Byway will undertake as well as funding opportunities to carry them out, and includes marketing and interpretive plans. The CMP will be used as a management tool to direct the Byway in future years.

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