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Prairie Rivers of Iowa Has Been a Force for Positive Change for 23 Years in Iowa
Our Resiliency Strengthens Our Communities

Prairie Rivers of Iowa is a federal 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization uniquely focused on conserving natural and cultural resources. EIN #42-1498214

Your support helps fund our general operating expenses, make breakthroughs in water quality, expand understanding about pollinator habitat restoration, and support the assets along the Lincoln Highway National Heritage and Iowa Scenic Valley Byways.  

never underestimate the power of a simple gift.

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Become a supporter of the need for improved water quality and the plight of pollinators in Iowa, as well as safeguarding our historic and cultural resources along the Lincoln Highway National Heritage Byway in Iowa.  Please Join us with a sustainable monthly gift.

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Other Ways To Give

There are many ways to contribute to Prairie Rivers of Iowa.  In addition to donating cash, other ways you can contribute are through an Individual Retirement Account (IRA),  estate planning, donor-advised funds employer match, gifts of grain, and more. 

Wish List
One way to help us cut our expenses or provide us with items we need but don’t have the budget for is to make a gift based on our wish list. Please contact our Executive Director Penny Huber for more info or to make your gift. Thank You!
Current Wish List Needs: Used laptop computer with HDMI output/s, onboard camera, and microphone, Wi-Fi 6 Extender

If you rather make your gift by mail, please mail your check to:

Prairie Rivers of Iowa
3116 S Duff Ave, Suite 201
Ames, IA 50010

Or call our office at (515) 232-0048 for further assistance.