During National Dairy this June, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy your favorite sweet treat while traveling along the 460 miles of Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway – A National Scenic Byway in Iowa. Starting in Clinton and working your way across the state to Council Bluffs there are plenty of family-owned shops to stop at and delight in a tasty ice cream treat!

Cookie Monster and Superman Ice Cream
Smilees Ice Cream in DeWitt

How about weighing in on who’s going to win the rumble between Superman ice cream and Cookie Monster ice cream while at Carol’s Original Dairy Treat in Clinton? Then stop further down the road at Smillee’s Ice cream in DeWitt and taste their super-premium chocolate.

Small family-owned Parlor City Ice Cream has served up unique treats like their Smores and Thin Mint sundaes in Cedar Rapids and Marion for over fifty years! From there drive over to Tama’s Dairy Sweet Treats (formerly the Sugar Shack) and have a Daisy’s Twister.

Head further west to Starbuck’s Drive-In in Nevada, family-owned not the chain, for flavors like blackberry, key lime, and strawberry.

Stop in Jefferson for a triple threat that features twins. How’s that for a twister? You can’t beat a root beer float from A & W, then stop at Twiins Shoppe (yes two ii’s) for a goodie, and finish up your visit at Ice Cube Concessions and Skating Rink in Spring Lake County Park for some hand-dipped Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream before you strap on your roller skates!

The Dairy Mart in Glidden boasts “Good Food and Better Ice Cream” while Nutshelle’s Dairy Sweet in Woodbine has malts, shakes, sundaes, floats, and cones along with pints and quarts to take home and savor!

Finally, you reach Council Bluffs on Iowa’s western border where Christy Crème, a true neighborhood mom and pop locally-owned since 1954 rotates ten different flavors of sherbet daily. Whatever your sweet tooth desires, you cannot go wrong with this lineup!

Iowa Byways Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway Sign
Americas Byways Logo
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