Spring Water Quality Snapshot (2024)
Tuesday, May 21, 7:30-9:00 AM
Brookside Park near 6th St bridge, Ames

Meet at 7:30AM to learn how to test water chemistry in a creek, then borrow a kit and test 2-3 sites in Ames or the surrounding area on your own.

If you have previous experience with water monitoring, you can also arrange to pick up a kit and monitor your assigned sites at any time on May 21. 

Water Quality Monitoring
Email Dan Haug (dhaug@prrcd.org) if you’re interested, so we can organize site assignments and order supplies.  Here is an interactive webmap showing the sites in the Ioway Creek Watershed that we’ve tested in past snapshots.  We are now coordinating with Story County Conservation, Polk County Conservation, and other groups to get a snapshot of water quality across an even larger area!