Lincoln Highway Historic Property Survey

Dear Lincoln Highway Community,

Prairie Rivers of Iowa is conducting a research project on the condition of historic properties along the Lincoln Highway National Heritage Byway in Iowa. We invite your participation and are hopeful this project will be beneficial to you and your property.

There are currently 319 properties and districts listed on the National Register of Historic Places along Iowa’s Lincoln Highway corridor.  However, once the properties are listed, there is no continued record of the property’s physical condition. We have learned that some historic properties may be at risk because upkeep can be costly and knowledge of appropriate preservation methods may be lost over time. 

Lincoln Hote
Youngville Station

In the most extreme circumstances, properties that are important pieces of local, regional, and/or national history may be demolished as a result.

Our goal is to assess the condition of the 319 National Register properties along Iowa’s Lincoln Highway and compile the information to help provide property owners with resources for maintenance, such as knowledgeable construction professionals and sources of grant funds. 


If you have knowledge of a historical property in the Lincoln Highway Corridor (within five miles of the highway), please help us better understand the condition of this property. You can respond in one of the following ways:

  • Respond to the survey using the link below. If you are a property owner, and we sent you a validation code, please enter it when asked.
  • Contact us to ask questions and provide input. Your contact is

Shellie Orngard
515-232-0048 (office)

Thank you for your consideration and assistance with this project. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Prairie Rivers of Iowa Lincoln Highway Team

Lincoln Highway National Heritage Byway Historic Property Survey

Who We Are
Prairie Rivers of Iowa (PRI) contracts with the Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT) to manage the Lincoln Highway National Heritage Byway. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), which administers the National Scenic Byways Program, identifies six intrinsic qualities. The Lincoln Highway is recognized as for its “historic” intrinsic qualities and thus is referred to as a “Heritage” Byway.

Historic Intrinsic Qualities
“Historic qualities are legacies of the past associated with visible parts of the landscape, whether natural or built. Places of historic significance educate visitors and stir an appreciation for the past. Historic qualities reflect people’s actions and may include buildings, settlement patterns, and other examples of human activity. Historic features can be inventoried, mapped, and interpreted. They demonstrate an integrity of location, design, setting, material, workmanship, feeling, and association.” — National Scenic Byway Foundation

How Others See the Importance of this Project
“The Lincoln Highway tells a uniquely American story of settlement and recreational travel during the heady period of expanding automobile ownership in the early 20th century. Yet despite its significance, historical resources along its 3,000 miles continue to be altered, fall into disrepair, or are gradually sacrificed to new development. With this, we lose not only an important tangible aspect of our history, but a potential source of heritage tourism activity and economic development. . . . [This research will allow Prairie Rivers of Iowa] to actively encourage the use of federal and state tax incentive for private rehabilitation efforts and preserve the built heritage that remains.”

— Dr. Ted Grevstad-Nordbrock, Assistant Professor of Historic Preservation, Iowa State University, Project Consultant

This project is funded in part by a Historical Resource Development Program (HRDP) grant from the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs.

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