The Small Landowner Assistance Program in the Squaw Creek Watershed is a continuing effort of the Watersheds and Waterways Program to improve soil health and water quality. This program provides landowner consultation at no cost to you.

Program Qualifications:

Landowners with 100 acres or less who are within 5 miles of Ames.

This area around Ames is a critical zone for water quality and habitat for the Squaw Creek Watershed.


Benefits to Participation Include:

  • Free-of-charge consulting with Prairie Rivers of Iowa’s land management specialist.
  • Assessment of current land management.
  • Technical information and available resources related to your goals and/or objectives for land management.
  • Financial assistance identification.
  • Implementation assistance.



The Small Landowner Assistance Program is funded by a Conservation Collaboration Grant and will be available until September 2019.




Interested in learning more or wanting to make an appointment? Feel free to call us at our office at (515) 232-0048 to speak with Forestry and Land Management Specialist Mike Brandrup, or fill out this form to also get in touch with him. Also, check out our fact sheet to answer any general questions or concerns you might have. We look forward to hearing from you.


“No matter the acres owned or experience level on land management, our program is designed for you” – Mike Brandrup