From April 2015 to March 2019, Prairie Rivers of Iowa helped farmers in the Squaw Creek Watershed seed 3,532 acres of cover crops, try no-till or strip-till on 3,719 acres transition to no-till or strip-till, and install a denitrifying bioreactor.


Our funding (a Water Quality Initiative grant from the Iowa Department of Agriculture) has ended, but farmers still have access to the same cost-share rates from their county NRCS office.  Prairie Rivers of Iowa still meets quarterly with the Squaw Creek Watershed Management Authority and will continue to develop new projects to implement the water  quality, hydrology, outreach, recreation, and habitat goals of the 20-year watershed management plan.

Our current projects include working with landowners to install native plantings that benefit both endangered pollinators and water quality.  The project area includes the lower part of the watershed west of Ames.

Please contact David Stein, Watershed Coordinator at 515-232-0048 if you are interested in learning more!

In addition to our work with farmers, we raised awareness of soil health and water quality among people of all ages, across the watershed, by hosting field days, demonstration days, creating educational materials, publishing a quarterly newsletter, and submitting news releases to the local media. View our watershed education library here!