We would like to welcome our newest staff member, Dan Haug. He is the Watershed Educator here at Prairie Rivers of Iowa.
Dan grew up in Ames, Iowa, where he became involved in prairie restoration and community-supported agriculture.  In his free time, he enjoys family, playing music, and exploring the outdoors through canoeing and cross-country skiing.

He is passionate about involving community members in environmental problem-solving and communicating science to the public. He worked previously at the Wisconsin DNR and holds an M.S. in Water Resources Management from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Dan will be working on the educational component of the Squaw Creek Water Quality Initiative Project, as well as the facilitation and coordination of the Conservation Innovation Grant, which is to fund the development of a Management Plan for the Keigley Branch of the South Skunk River Watershed.

Make sure to take a second to introduce yourself to Dan and make him feel welcome! His email address is dhaug@prrcd.org, and as always, feel free to stop in our office to say hi!

Watershed Educator
Dan Haug, Watershed Educator