by Prairie Rivers of Iowa Watershed Educator Dan Haug

It turns out that stream monitoring is quite compatible with social distancing. Twenty-eight volunteers participated in the Squaw Creek Watershed Coalition’s 13th Spring Water Quality Snapshot on May 30 and 31. Together we tested water quality at forty-three sites on Squaw Creek, its tributaries, and the South Skunk River!  This time, Prairie Rivers of Iowa assembled the equipment, organized the event, and entered the data.  We’re happy to support this dedicated group of citizen scientists in better understanding and drawing attention to our local rivers and creeks.

As the name implies, this is a snapshot in time.  The water quality on one sunny weekend in May is not necessarily representative of the month, let alone the year.  As described here and here, water quality can change dramatically in response to a big rainstorm.  But for this moment in time, testing many sites gives us a very detailed picture of the Squaw Creek Watershed.

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