On December 5th 2013 Prairie Rivers of Iowa held an open house. The public and businesses were invited to come tour our office space and to come find out more information on the types of projects Prairie Rivers of Iowa has been up to this past year, all while getting to meet the staff and board members.

Prairie Rivers of Iowa organization is committed to strengthening Iowa’s communities through the responsible stewardship of our natural resources. Prairie Rivers of Iowa’s programs help Iowans conserve our state’s natural and historical resources to enrich the lives of current and future generations. To learn more, please visit our various website pages.

Local business leaders, representatives from various communities and organizations, past and current partners all came together to make the event a successful one. With a wintery holiday theme decor, presentation boards, handouts, merchandise to purchase, video displays, local foods from the Iowa Food Co-op and catering from Olde Main from downtown Ames brought the added touches to make Prairie Rivers of Iowa’s second open house a hit.