We are looking for feedback on Prairie Rivers of Iowa’s current donor-giving program so we can continue to better serve our mission. Please complete this short survey. Your answers will be kept confidential and be used to improve our fundraising efforts. The survey will end on April 15. If you have any questions, please contact me. We truly appreciate your insights and time. Best wishes, Lisa Cassady, Development & Event Planning Coordinator, Prairie Rivers of Iowa, 515.232.0048, lcassady@prrcd.org.

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Helping landowners and communities increase native pollinator habitat.
Helping cities and counties protect and use historical assets along the Lincoln Heritage Byway to promote and preserve our history.
Developing tools and partnerships to improve Iowa's water quality.
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Please let us know whether you feel appreciated for your donations.
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How likely is it that you will make a donation in the future to Prairie Rivers of Iowa?
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Please let us know whether you feel appreciated for your donations.
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