In honor of Soil and Water Conservation Week, we have interviewed some of our partner organizations for the Watersheds & Waterways Program in order to share more about their organization and our partnership with them.

Heartland Cooperative

Jason Danner, Central Regional Sales Manager

Heartland Cooperative is a full service, value added cooperative that has been serving farmers and landowners for over the past 30 years. The cooperative’s focus is within four main departments: grain, agronomy, feed, and energy; each serving a purpose in helping farmers produce and market profitably. With precision ag-grid sampling and varied rate technology while seeding and applying fertilizer, Prairie Rivers of Iowa is proud to partner with Heartland Cooperative while they uphold exceptional conservation messages with their customers.

Heartland Coop’s effort to promote conservation programming to their customers is done in a variety of successful ways. With four technical service providers on staff, the cooperative is able to offer farmers technical expertise in conservation planning and design for a variety of conservation efforts. Through partnering, such as AgSolver, Heartland is able to offer farmers and landowners the ability to identify a field’s economic performance and test the future potential management scenarios. Heartland is involved in many watershed projects throughout the Squaw Creek Watershed with their location in Stanhope and Walnut Creek.  Working with local and regional offices, Heartland works to enable successful communication between the cooperative and landowners while educating customers on practices and cost-share availability, customer meetings, flyers, and social media initiatives.

“Sustainability starts with all of us,” Jason Danner, Heartland’s Central Region Sales Manager explained, “Conservation is preserving the most critical asset of Iowa’s rich, fertile land.” Danner also mentioned that Heartland is promoting future conservation efforts at meetings and open houses with educating customers, as well as staff, on practices and cost share programs.