We are excited to announce that Prairie Rivers of Iowa has moved to a new office! We officially moved to our new location in West Ames at the beginning of September and have since kept busy unpacking, settling into this new space, and continuing our work.

Our new office is located at 2335 230th Street, which is the past residence of Kinzler Construction. It was getting a little cramped in our old office and one thing this new building offers us is plenty of space. Each program has its own area to work with plenty of room to spread out and expand, when the programs grow. Storage space on the second floor alleviates some of the workspace clutter, and between a designated conference room and a kitchenette with a breakroom, there are spaces large enough to accommodate everyone when we have large meetings.

We are sharing this space with the team at EOR Iowa. Prairie Rivers of Iowa and EOR have collaborated on past projects and it is exciting to share the new building with people we know. We will also be seeking out a couple of renters to fill our extra office spaces.

Want to see our new space? Join us for our Open House! This event will take place Tuesday, November 14 from 4:00 to 6:30 PM.

Again, our address is 2335 230th Street, Suite 101 Ames, IA 50014. Make sure to change our contact information in your databases!