Past Programs, Seminars and Workshops

Field Days

August 15, 2017 Field Day

LongView Farms

Cover Crops

Prairie Rivers of Iowa partnered with the Iowa Seed Corn Association’s Cover Crop Initiative to host a field day on cover crops at LongView Farms. This was a morning event that began with LongView Farms introducing their operation, which includes cover crops and minimal tillage on a large majority of the acres. The event then proceeded into an open forum for the attendees to discuss cover crops, which included discussion from seed selection for cover crops all the way to the politics involved in pressure to adopt conservation practices. The event ended with a meal donated by the Iowa Corn Association and a demonstration by Hagie Manufacturing of a highboy with cover crop interseeder seeding cereal rye into standing corn in the nearest LongView Farms field.

June 27, 2017 Field Day

Key Cooperative

Cover crops, Buffer Strips, and Strip-Tillage

Prairie Rivers of Iowa partnered with Key Cooperative in Nevada to host a field day in the East Indian Creek Watershed on June 27, 2017. The topics discussed at the field day were cover crops, buffer strips, and strip-tillage. Story County Conservation shared information on the Hickory Grove Lake Restoration project, which includes protecting the watershed around the lake to ensure healthy water quality in the lake. Key Cooperative shared information on what their organization offers to its members relating to sustainable farming through their SUSTAIN platform. Local farmer Tim Couser shared his experiences with using cover crops, nutrient management, and minimal tillage on his rural Nevada family farm.

June 13, 2017 Field Day

Haren Farm

Water Quality and Soil Health

Larry Haren hosted a field day event on June 13, 2017 to showcase his extensive work in protecting water quality and building soil health on his farm in Hamilton County. The event was co-sponsored by Prairie Rivers of Iowa and Iowa Learning Farms. After hearing from both Prairie Rivers of Iowa and Iowa Learning Farms, Larry took everyone on a flatbed ride around his farm to view his various conservation practices. The 58 attendees viewed and learned about denitrifying bioreactors, shelter belts, farm ponds, no-till operations, cover crops, restored oxbows, and rotational grazing. Haren welcomed Rick Cruse and Liz Juchems from Iowa State University, as well as Karen Wilke from the Nature Conservancy to enlighten the group on the specifics of some of the soil health and water quality practices.

July 23, 2016 Field Day

Al Lingren

Tools to Help Ease Transition to Soil Health Management System

Al Lingren hosted a field day event on July 23, 2016 to showcase a variety of soil health equipment and tools. The day consisted of Bill Northey, then Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, as the keynote speaker; followed by rotating stations of various equipment and tools. The rotating stations included a strip-till bar, SOILSCAN 360, Boone SWCD Soil Health trailer, and a Hagie Highboy with cover crop interseeder. Presentations from various partner organizations enlightened the 85 attendees on the variety of tools that are available to help ease the transition to a soil health management system.

November 7, 2015 Field Day

Jim McHugh and Jim & Anita Johnson

Nutrient Management, Soil Health, and Water Quality

Jim McHugh and Jim & Anita Johnson co-hosted a field day event on November 7, 2015. The neighbors showed off their diversity of nutrient management practices to improve the soil health and water quality on their farms. Practices that were featured include prairie buffer strips, cover crops, and integrated cattle grazing systems. Attendees learned how to utilize prairie grasses such as Virginia wild rye, Canada wild rye, Purple prairie clover, and partridge pea in their land.