Nan Bonfils joined Prairie Rivers of Iowa in June 2020 as an event planning assistant. She brings with her a passion for all things outdoors and three decades of experience teaching and sharing that passion with youngsters across three continents.

That work eventually led to emphasizing environmental literacy throughout work with local school districts, public libraries, and non-profits such as Practical Farmers of Iowa and Iowa Arboretum.

Her love for the outdoors led her down the southern end of the Appalachian Trail after completing grad school. “I must have missed something,” says Nan, “My mother used to tease me by asking were you born under a tree?”

When she repatriated as an Iowan by marriage, Nan reinvented herself to support an organic farm adjacent to Ledges State Park.

Along with her husband, together they steward their farm as a haven for biodiversity. They’ve worked hard with their neighbors to promote conservation practices and establish easements.

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