Guiding and leading a not-for-profit is unique when offering solutions to citizens and their problems.  In Prairie Rivers of Iowa’s case, our solutions are supporting Iowa’s environment and natural resources.  This unique place our organization finds itself in is the opportunity to work with a variety of people who care and love Iowa as much as we do.  In order for our work to be relevant, we must have vision that encourages Iowans to learn, understand and be committed to our natural resources in some way.

I am always asking our staff to look in the past some and keep an eye on the day-to-day, so we can plot our direction for the future.  It sounds challenging; but often looking back can show us how far our work has lifted up an idea, a solution, and commitments to change.  Our plans for today must be realistic and support where people are in their mindset and how they value our environment.  We also must know where we hope to get to in our future, leaving the door open for great ideas and opportunities to emerge.

Recently, we were reviewing our watersheds and waterways work for the last six years and it was so satisfying to see how far we have come in building partnerships and conducting projects.  While six years ago we would have had to create and vision all the projects we would do, today our partners and citizens are bringing new ideas and projects to the table that encourage adoption of water quality improvement practices and support for our natural resources.  And finally, we have created a long list of future projects that we plan to conduct and that will introduce us to new Iowans and organizations that will support and improve our water resources.

We feel fortunate to meet new people every week.  I hope you know that our doors are always open and that we know that in order to continue to make Iowa a terrific place to live-work-and-play, we must support our natural resources and build a clean environment for tomorrow.


Penny L. Brown Huber

Executive Director