When you choose Prairie Rivers of Iowa Log Products, you will experience the nonprofit difference and know we are committed to you and your needs.

Why Choose Prairie Rivers of Iowa?

Lake View Cabin at Little Wall Lake Jewell, Iowa Hamilton County
Build your own cabin to stand the test of time.
  • Our materials are unique and are not normally available through traditional construction channels.
  • Log cabin logs at reasonable prices.
  • Provide quality Iowa White Oak logs for cabins and making this product easily available.
  • Buyers can work with their local contractors and lumber companies for roofing, doors, windows, and construction lumber.
  • When you buy from Prairie Rivers of Iowa Log Products, you are investing in the forests of Iowa.
  • We produce one of the strongest, most durable log cabin logs available in Iowa.
  • We focus on the natural resources based economic development and the superior quality of white oak log cabins for the owners and environment surrounding the log cabin.


Constructing a log cabin wall.
We can help with new or restoration construction of your log cabin.

We can help you take control of your cabin-building process by:

  • Assisting you in selecting the right plans for your location.
  • Helping you find the right contractor who can help make your cabin a reality.
  • Advising you on turnkey solutions while helping you reduce costs by being in charge of building your cabin.
  • Providing you with expert consultation during the building phase.
  • Providing you with unique, white oak cabin logs that have been cut to your specifications and delivered to your building site ready to be made into a beautiful cabin.