by Prairie Rivers of Iowa Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway Coordinator Janice Gammon

Our focus this year is to continue with our Interpretive Master Plan and we have a big related project in the works. We do mean BIG. The Harrison County Historical Village and Welcome Center asked us to re-design an outdoor interpretive panel that was deteriorating. It is four by eight feet. That’s right, four by eight feet! The estimated weight is 120 pounds so we’re glad the manufacturer can ship it directly to the welcome center.

We’ve written several grants to create more interpretation in or near the communities of Clinton, Belle Plaine, Marshalltown, Jefferson, Arcadia, Denison, and Woodbine and are waiting to hear the outcomes.

The Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway has received a grant from Iowa Tourism to create a couple of two-minute videos about breweries, wineries, and distilleries in eastern Iowa.  One video will feature the Clinton area and the other features the Cedar Rapids area. University of Iowa graduate students will do the filming and editing.

Once completed, the video will be shared on social media,, and participating businesses platforms. We plan to continue this project in the coming years featuring central and western Iowa.

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