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2020 E-Newsletters
Summer 2020 E-Newsletter

  • A Note From the Watershed and Waterways Program Coordinator
  • A Note From Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway Coordinator
  • New Staff Welcome
  • Board Member Spotlight
  • Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway Projects Underway
  • Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway Wins National Award
  • The Prairie Rivers of Iowa Native Seed Bank Experiment
  • Volunteers Join in on Water Quality Testing This Spring
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Winter/Spring 2020 E-Newsletter

  • New Pollinator and Native Seed Bank Programs.
  • Small Landowner Conservation Efforts
  • The Endangered Species in Your Own Backyard
  • Watershed Education for Young and Old

2019 Newsletter

Summer/Fall 2019 Newsletter


  • A Note From our Watershed Coordinator
  • Wetlands and Wet Times, Conservation Practices and Programs
  • The Endangered Species in Your Own Backyard
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Pollinators, Prairies, and Best Practices September 7 Field Day
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2017 Newsletters

May 2017
New Watershed Educator, Water Quality Year 1 Results, Corridor Management Plan completed, and more!
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2016 E-Newsletters

November 2016
Various Events, New Staff, and More!
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August 2016
One Stop Cover Crop Available, Field Day Recap, New Staff, New Cabin, and more!
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April 2016
Growing Partnerships, New Local Foods Coordinator, and how the Byway handled the Winter.
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2015 E-Newsletters

November 2015
Workshops, Field Day, New Cabin, New Staff and more for fall 2015.
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August 2015
Sign up for the Local Food Cycle, KCWI, Watershed Cost Share, Legacy Learning and more in our fall newsletter.
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April 2015
Ask not what the Earth can do for you, but what can you do for the Earth?
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2014 E-Newsletters

November 2014
Prairie Rivers of Iowa Open House, Drake University Survey, New Board Members, Squaw Creek Watershed and more in our fall newsletter.
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August 2014
New Online Store, Local Food Cycle, Kids Warrior Camp, EAB, Wellmark Grant, and more!
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April 2014
Find out the latest news about Prairie Rivers of Iowa’s programs in our April 2014 e-newsletter.
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