Friends of Conservation

Over the last several years, you have been invited, attended and/or may have read all about the good work that Prairie Rivers of Iowa (PRI) has been accomplishing across Iowa. This September of 2019, we hit a milestone by turning 20-years old!

Started in 1999, Prairie Rivers of Iowa has always been dedicated to working locally, for local solutions.  Our mission is to promote economic development through the restoration and conservation of Iowa’s cultural and natural resources.  The organization’s core values guide us to advocate for solutions, educate on ideas that work, collaborate and partner with positive and proactive organizations, assess how we are doing and how to do it better and finally, to be transparent with our information so that individuals can make the best possible decisions for their lands.

What have been our successes over these last 20 years?

  • Delivering water quality and healthy soil educational projects by helping landowners, producers and local government leaders to make a positive change in reducing nutrients and harmful bacteria in our rivers and streams. Did you know that one of the very first grants PRI worked on was to begin watershed planning for the Boone River Watershed in early 2000’s?


  • Partnering with local citizens alongside city, county, and other government officials to preserve and interpret the historic Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway, and to promote and achieve economic growth in our local communities. Did you know that our work on the Byway began over 12 years ago and today we have over 50 project partners supporting our historic Byway?


  • Educating landowners, producers, local government officials, businesses, and organizations to install new or improve existing native plantings to create habitat for pollinators and wildlife. Did you know that we have also supported school gardens, outdoor learning environments, built Iowa oak log cabins in county parks and supported the statewide Grow Your Small Market Farm business planning program?
  • Providing administrative services such as financial management, employee payroll, and marketing coordination. Did you know that we have supported over ten small not-for-profits in building their own capacity and helping them succeed?


As Prairie Rivers of Iowa board and staff reflect on all the good work accomplished over these last twenty years, we also are pushing to continue to lead important cultural and natural resources work going forward.  One way we are doing this is by launching a new recognition opportunity to celebrate Iowans who are “Friends of Conservation”. We want to celebrate individuals, organizations and businesses that want to build a stronger voice for conservation around Iowa’s cultural and natural resources.

Today we are asking you to consider making a gift to Prairie Rivers of Iowa and help launch the “Friends of Conservation”.  Your gift will communicate that Iowa’s cultural and natural resources are valuable and worthy of the attention and support needed to improve, restore and conserve.

If you make a gift between now and April 2020 to help us launch the “Friends of Conservation”, you will be listed as an inaugural member, recognized on our website and in our Annual Report.  In addition, we have designed a new image for this effort (see above) and a window decal will be sent to you as a thank you.

And, if you choose to make a gift larger than $100 or more, you will be invited as our guest to a special event in late spring/early summer of 2020 that will celebrate the work of improving Iowa’s water quality.  This event will be held at Alluvial Brewing, where a special beer will be made to honor the restoration of the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee in Iowa and all the work going forward at Prairie Rivers of Iowa.

PRI is a unique not-for-profit and we are lucky to have such an organization that can work with our elected officials to make educated decisions that support local efforts to improve and conserve our cultural and natural resources.

Will you help us by making a gift today and be a part of our 20-year anniversary celebration?

Below is a return card for your use.  If you have any questions, please direct them to our Executive Director Penny Brown Huber at 515.232.0048 or


Thank you for taking the time to consider our request.

Reed Riskedahl, Chairman, Board of Directors                   Jim Richardson, Treasurer, Board of Directors

Marshall County                                                                                       Hamilton County

Jan Sherwood, Secretary, Board of Directors                      David Andrews, Member, Board of Directors

Story County                                                                                              Marshall County

Print this form for your donation, and send to:

Prairie Rivers of Iowa
2335 230th st. Suite 101
Ames, Iowa 50014