Ethnobotany In Iowa – How Iowans, Past and Present Used Native Plants in their Everyday Lives
Zoom Webinar Friday, March 26
12 – 1 p.m. CDT
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Presented by Prairie Rivers of Iowa Watershed Coordinator David Stein

Plants are the backbone of our daily lives. We rely on them for our food, shelter, clothing, furniture, and even life-saving medicines. Plants have been tied to us throughout all of history, and most cultures have relied on the species native and available to them to thrive. It is no different here in Iowa, with most of our native plants being used by many people groups in a variety of ways.

Join David on a journey through the history of Iowans’ use of native plants. We will explore how indigenous cultures and early settlers used plants for medicines and foods, all the way to building materials and toys. We will then focus on the present state of native plants, looking at both their decline and resurgence in everyday use. Finally, we will look to the future, with some deep-dives into how biotechnology alongside native plants has the potential to re-shape pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and much more. You might just gain a new appreciation for what is out in your flower garden!

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