Native Seed Bank

Our seed bank is set to re-open in Early November. Please call our Watershed Coordinator David Stein at 515-232-0048 to learn more.

The Community Native Seed Bank is set to start its 3rd year of operation! We are set to open the seed bank to the public in the first half of November, and have several species of native grasses and legumes available immediately, with additional species coming shortly. Please check back here or watch our social media for more details about opening dates for 2021-2022 and species availability.

For more information contact our Watershed Coordinator David Stein at or 515-232-0048. 

Deposits and withdrawals are very easy to make.  For a deposit, simply fill out a seed deposit form with your personal information, the type and amount of seed you are depositing, and where you collected the seed.  Deposits can either be made in person at the Prairie Rivers office or through the mail.  Making a withdrawal is just as easy.  All you need to do is fill out a withdrawal form with your personal info, the species of seed, and the estimated size of your planting or garden.  Withdrawals can only be made in-person at the Prairie Rivers office.  A suggested donation of either seed or cash is encouraged during withdrawals for seed bank maintenance.

The Process

Please fill out to request a seed bank appointment.

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