2018 Annual Report

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It has been a crucial year in 2018 providing educational services for Iowans that created awareness and understanding leading to better conservation of our natural and historical resources.

Our organization continued to build partnerships working with local experts, governments, organizations and volunteers empowering people to understand, create, and support a healthy natural environment while focusing on water quality and soil health. Additionally, we continued to promote economic growth and cultural understanding along the Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway.

Iowans profit from Prairie Rivers of Iowa because we improve the local economy while creating a strong sense of community and investing resources back into the state. We remain focused on our mission to help Iowa communities.

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2016 Annual Report

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Council Members, Staff and Supporters:

Prairie Rivers of Iowa met and surpassed many goals in 2016! Strategic plans have helped us focus on our overall direction improving our natural resources in Iowa.

Our goals and strategies create direction for our staff who then take off with unbelievable energy and creativity! The reward is satisfaction in hard work and meeting or exceeding our stakeholders’ expectations. Also, we continue to grow our knowledge, staff and reputation throughout our state.

As you review this report, you will see vibrant programs that are serving the Iowa environment. These programs are engaging many individuals, businesses, not-for-profits and government in their work. Our staff is constantly asking the question, “Are we making a difference and creating real change for the good of Iowa’s natural and historical resources?” As you review this report we can definitely answer that question with a, “Yes! We are making a difference.”

2016 was a year for Prairie Rivers of Iowa to be proud. However, the future holds challenges and new directions for us. Our staff, board and leadership is up to that task! We remain dedicated to our mission and vision. Doing so, we plan on creating a better environment for Iowans while keeping the ecological integrity of our national resources.

Thank you,

Reed Riskedahl, Board President

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