A Note From Our Watershed Coordinator

by David Stein

PRI Watershed Coordinator David Stein

Thank you all for joining us for our newest edition of the program’s newsletter.  I’m happy to announce that we have officially re-branded this program to reflect our correct projects and priorities.  We are now the Watersheds and Wildlife Program.  Using this branding quickly lets our partners, stakeholders, and constituents know what our work is, and what we do.  Thank you to everyone who continues to work with us on watershed and wildlife work to make this possible.  As the pandemic rages on, we are slowly starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Vaccines are starting to be delivered to Iowans, and with any luck we will be able to start working face-to-face with people fairly soon.

The Watersheds and Wildlife team has continued to do an excellent job with community outreach, monitoring, and education.  I want to draw special attention to Watershed Educator Dan Haug, and the rest of the Story County Water Quality Monitoring Team for developing the final draft of their 10-year monitoring plan.  Dan has been hard at work delivering presentations and seminars about the plan to county boards, city governments, and other groups over the past several weeks.  We’ve also been delivering community outreach through semi-monthly webinars on a wide variety of topics ranging from water quality, ethnobotany, pollinator plantings, and citizen science.

The best way to stay informed on events is to follow and keep in touch with Prairie Rivers of Iowa on social media and through our new and improved website. Our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are always updated with great information about events and important topics.  Thank you all again, and please enjoy our newest newsletter.

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