A Note From Our Watersheds and Wildlife Coordinator

by David Stein

Watersheds and Wildlife Coordinator David Stein

Thank you all for joining us on the newest edition of the Watersheds and Wildlife Newsletter.  As usual, I’m here to give a general update on the work and status of our team’s work over the last few months.  We have been hard at work in terms of public outreach, especially since everything is opening back up post-pandemic.

On June 18th, we were fortunate to host a virtual field day webinar with our partners at Heartland Co-Op, IDALS, NRCS, and the Story SWCD.  This field day explored three wetland options for farmers and landowners in Central Iowa including oxbows, prairie potholes, and CREP wetlands.  Attendees were able to ask experts questions about the process of installing a wetland on their property.  Attendance was great, with 22 people participating.  If you missed this event, a recording of the webinar has been uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Prairie Rivers of Iowa Field Day Event

Moving forward, we have several upcoming events here in Story County.  On August 28th, we will be hosting an in-person family-friendly field day at Jennett Heritage Area and The Berry Patch Farm called Bumble Bees and Berries. Families will be able to learn about the role of bumble bees in orchards, go on prairie walks, look at creek critters, and explore other kid-friendly activities.  Like always, for more details about our upcoming events, please follow us on social media, and visit the events page here on our website.  Thank you all again for joining us, and enjoy the newsletter.

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