A Message From our Director

by Penny Brown Huber

Happy Holidays!

At the beginning of this year, our Board and staff had so many aspirations around building on our programs, partnerships, and reaching out more than ever.  As Covid-19 began to be our reality, we could not imagine what was going to happen, much less how it was going to happen.

Throughout the year we have had to learn how to deliver programming in a slightly different way such as holding a successful first-year virtual film festival; field days online; and utilizing ZOOM to connect with partners and facilitate planning with multiple team members, to name a few.

We also confirmed in our minds just how important not-for-profits are when we face adversity as all Americans have done this year.  Not-for-profits have sought to identify new ways to serve the public, new ways to educate and build on past accomplishments.  The keystone of our work is to deliver important, critical ideas and information in a non-bias manner that can help people make good decisions, which in turn helps all of us move forward by bringing new ideas and ways to tackle old problems.

Today, I am asking for your support!  We cannot do our work without individuals, corporations, foundations, and other not-for-profits stepping forward in resources both in cash and time.  I can point to many examples this year where we have come together and launched something new and then done it successfully!

Your investment in Prairie Rivers of Iowa is also an investment in the year ahead.  It is a statement that you want to support the outdoors and our important outdoor spaces that are home to people, animals, and habitat.  And it is something most of us have discovered, that we cannot take for granted the outdoors, nor should we because during Covid-19 many of us have found the joy, excitement, peace, and calm we have sought by being outdoors during this challenging year.

So as you look through this end-of-the-year newsletter, please take a moment and consider making a gift.  Help Prairie Rivers of Iowa continue to stretch and search for ways to support our environment and making connections for you as we move towards 2021.  With gratitude for your ongoing support!  Thank you.

Penny Brown Huber, Executive Director

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