Watershed and Waterways 
Winter/Spring 2020 Newsletter

A Note From the Program Coordinator
by Watersheds & Waterways Program Coordinator David Stein

Thank you all for joining us for our newest edition of the Watershed Conservation newsletter. This season has been off to an interesting start not only with the insane winter weather but also with our programs. Recently we were able to introduce the first versions of two new programs as part of our National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Grant…..read more

Community Native Seed Bank: History of Our Newest Program 
by Watersheds & Waterways Program Coordinator David Stein

One of the first projects that I took on here at Prairie Rivers of Iowa was finding a way to not only get more habitat on the landscape here in Central Iowa but to also have local residents at the forefront of this conservation effort.  In order to do this, I found that the easiest way for this to work was to store and distribute seeds free of charge…..read more

Prairie Rivers of Iowa Small Landowner Project in Support of Iowa’s Nutrient Reduction Strategy Completed
by Watershed Educator Dan Haug

Prairie Rivers of Iowa recently completed a project to support the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy by providing education and technical assistance to a group of rural landowners near the city limits of Ames that, owing to the small size of their holdings or non-traditional nature of their operations, are sometimes overlooked……read more

Prairie Rivers of Iowa Kicked Off 2020 with Watershed Education for Both Young and Old
by Watershed Educator Dan Haug

Over four sessions in January and February, watershed educator Dan Haug spoke with 20 retirees for an Osher Institute for Lifelong Learning (OLLI) class at the Iowa State University Alumni Center unpacking difficult topics like the Clean Water Act and water monitoring…..read more


Friends of Conservation

Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to Prairie Rivers of Iowa between now
and May 2020 helping us launch “Friends of Conservation”. You’ll be listed as an
inaugural member recognized on our website and in our annual report. A window
decal will be sent to you as a thank you for your generosity.

Donors with gifts of $100 or more will be invited as our guest to a special event this summer celebrating the work of improving Iowa’s water quality. This event at Alluvial Brewing will feature a special beer batch made to honor the restoration of the rusty patched bumble bee in Iowa and all the work going forward at Prairie Rivers of Iowa.

Your gift will communicate that Iowa’s cultural and natural resources are valuable and worthy of the attention and support needed to improve, restore and conserve.

Prairie Rivers of Iowa is a unique not-for-profit that can work with our elected officials to make educated decisions that support local efforts to improve and conserve our cultural and natural resources.  Learn More

Watershed and Waterways Team

David Stein
Watershed Coordinator dstein@prrcd.org
Dan Haug
Watershed Educator dhaug@prrcd.org
Mike Brandrup Land Management Specialist mbrandrup@prrcd.org
Penny Brown Huber Executive Director pbrown@prrcd.org








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