Squaw Creek Watershed Meeting Minutes

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Attending: Selden Spencer, Howard Hove, Mitch Peterson, Jean Eells, Penny Brown Huber, David Stein, Dan Haug, Mike Kellner, Liz Calhoun, Laura Merrick, Tracy Warner, Linda Murken, Erv Klaas, Steve Carlson, Bronwyn Beatty-Hansen, Doug Gass

4:00 p.m.

Field Tour:  Mitch Peterson’s Place

1025 Dryden, Stratford, IA

Looked at some drainage coming off agricultural field followed by tile drainage issues discussion and brainstorming.

4:30 p.m:  Stratford Fire and Rescue

Welcome and Water Testing.                                                                                      Jean C. Eells, Chair

Soils test.

No till and cover crops can have great benefits.

Review and approved April 18, 2019 Minutes: Motion to approve was accepted.

Board Member Updates:                                                                                       WMA Board Members

     Bronwyn Beatty-Hansen: Robert Brown at ISU meeting.  Research on pyrolysis, end up with bio char/oil that will retain carbon.  Bio char can also improve soil quality.  Maybe a partnership with ISU in the future.

     Harold Hove: Horse issues, wanting to get manure piles moved.  Horses have been removed.

     Linda Murken: Opened Tedesco Environmental Learning Corridor.  Planning and Zoning is trying to get stormwater and sediment control ordinance passed, will re-meet in August.  WMA meeting, very diverse members at the meeting.  Meeting with supervisors about IDALS regarding tiles and wetlands.

     Selden Spencer: Last meeting was a reprise of the audit, finally gotten rid of issues.  Ending the budget, rest of money is going to water rocks at ISU.  Future money is going to continue and expand the water rocks program.  Voted on annual meeting resolutions.  Alicia Bowers has organized a private company to establish a tour in Story and Hamilton Counties.

     Jean Eells: Conversations with supervisors about potential wetlands, may not be in squaw creek boundaries.  Rick Young is very interested in being more active in the WMA.  Wrote small grant through PRI to provide test strips to naturalists and educators to encourage policy.  ISU printing services can replicate test strip labels with correct colors. Those going to the annual CDI meeting need to see how the water testing app is coming along.

Old Business:

Update on WMA’s of Iowa May 3, 2019 Annual Meeting & Conference talking about how WMA’s get funding, interesting conversation.                                                               Linda Murken, Story County

Grants Application Update                 Penny Brown Huber and Dan Haug, Prairie Rivers of Iowa

Applied for partners in conservation, we did not get that grant.  Waiting on a review to get reason why; could be money issues.  Waiting to hear on watershed signs for Boone.  Clean water grants will go in August.  Watershed planning grant is due August 23rd.  Partnerships need to be established as soon as possible.  Good start on mapping and where conservation can go.  We’ll need information about improving soil health, possibly introducing modelling.  E Coli will need to be discussed.  Any ideas will be appreciated.

New Business:  Meet David Stein, Watershed Coordinator, Prairie Rivers.                    Jean Eells, Chair

Field Day in September focused on pollinators; more details to come.



Next Meeting:  October 17, 2019, 4:00 p.m. — Host: Ames

Ideas for locations:

Possible tour of STRIPS for the October meeting.  Contact Tim Youngquist.

Possibly at City Hall, reconstructed landscape.