Work began in the Squaw Creek Watershed with a formation of a Watershed Management Board and the development of a 20-year management plan.

Since the publication of the management plan, Prairie Rivers of Iowa has begun implementation of strategies identified in the plan and prioritized by the management board.

We received a Water Quality Initiative Grant from the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, which began in April of 2015. This grant provides us funds to implement conservation practices to improve soil health and water quality on the landscape in Squaw Creek, as well as educate the watershed citizens about soil health, water quality, and watershed topics.

In order to assist landowners/operators in the Squaw Creek Watershed build soil health and protect water quality, we have technical and financial resources available.

GO TO: COVERCROPSNOW.COM to view our website on cost-share information!

Farmers and landowners in the Squaw Creek Watershed qualify for cost-share for the following practices:

Please contact David Stein, Watershed Coordinator at 515-232-0048 if you are interested in learning more!

For the educational/outreach portion of the Squaw Creek project, we host field days, demonstration days, create educational materials, publish a quarterly newsletter, and submit routine news releases to the local media. View our watershed education library here!