Everyone lives in a watershed.  What’s your watershed?  June is a good month to find out, and learn more about what can be done to reduce and clean the runoff leaving your farm or your neighborhood.

Story County Board of Supervisors and Conservation Board proclaimed June 2018 to be Watershed Awareness Month.  Over the last two weeks, the cities of Ames, Nevada, and Gilbert have made similar proclamations. We applaud their commitment to water quality.  The full text of the Story County proclamation is included below, along with scans of the proclamations by the cities (click the thumbnail to download a PDF).


June 2018

WHEREAS, the county’s rivers and lakes provide recreational opportunities and wildlife habitats that enhance the quality of life of Story County residents, and


WHEREAS, protecting and restoring the quality of groundwater and surface water is a goal

of the Story County Comprehensive Plan, and


WHEREAS, water quality and flooding issues in rivers and lakes cannot be mitigated without good stewardship of the private and public lands in the watersheds that drain to those rivers and lakes, and


WHEREAS, Story County has demonstrated its commitment to watershed awareness and water quality through many efforts including the comprehensive assessment of its watersheds and through the signing of creek crossings and watershed boundaries throughout the county,


WHEREAS, the month of June is typically a time of heavy rainfall when nutrient losses and flooding are especially severe and when conservation practices have the greatest benefit,


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Story County Board of Supervisors, Story County, Iowa, and the Story County Conservation Board, do hereby announce and proclaim to all citizens and set seal hereto, that June 2018 is Watershed Awareness Month in Story County, Iowa. All citizens are encouraged to enjoy the outdoors and improve their physical, social, and emotional health while considering the health of the watersheds on which they live.


Adopted by:

Story County Board of Supervisors – June 5, 2018

Story County Conservation Board – May 14, 2018