Technology is something that is ever changing but yet is something that in this day and age we need. Staying on the ball is something that we all struggle with and are trying to always find that magic eight ball to stay ahead of the curve.

For us here at Prairie Rivers of Iowa we are trying to keep up and one way is we make a point to make an investment in out staff by sending them to development trainings. Today, April 9, 2015 I am currently at the Minnesota Nonprofit Council Technology Conference. So far this morning I have gotten to get a more in depth view in Google Analytics and talking to various vendors on different technology products.

I hope today I will come away with many great ideas to make ideas on how to help the user experience be more pleasant when you interact with Prairie Rivers of Iowa. This conference started at 7:30 this morning and its only almost 10am and already this conference has given me some good feedback, reinforce thoughts I had, and given me new ideas I hope I can use.

So while we all are trying to stay ahead of the curve in the various ways, we are doing it with this conference. Learning how to stretch our brand, make us stand out, make us the best us. So when you do interact with us, Prairie Rivers of Iowa we would love your feed back on how your experience was, what can we do better the next time, what do you wanna see?

With any request you can email me the Marketing Coordinator at,