Squaw Creek Watershed MapAn interview was conducted on February 12, 2014 about the Squaw Creek Watershed Authority and what’s being done to monitor water quality in central Iowa was the topic of discussion on this past Wednesday’s Local Talk show on KHOI in Ames.

Host of KHOI talked with Jerry Keys of the Story County Conservation Center about watersheds and water quality testing, as well as Pat Conrad of the EOR Water Ecology Community ,who is doing the planning for the Squaw Creek Watershed plan, about the watershed, which extends north into Webster County and includes much of Boone and Story Counties.

Penny Brown Huber, executive director of Prairie Rivers of Iowa, also talks about how we are working to make more people aware of the watershed and how they can help take care of it.

To listen to the interview follow this link: http://khoifm.org/node/632