In honor of Soil and Water Conservation Week, we have interviewed some of our partner organizations for the Watersheds & Waterways Program in order to share more about their organization and our partnership with them.

E Resources Group

Jean Eells, Director

E Resources Group is organized by Jean Eells, working in Educational Program Evaluation, Education and Communications, Project Management and Facilitation, as well as Organizational Research. Jean describes herself as an independent contractor working in education for conservation topics within all types of organizations. “Some projects involve me putting together teams of skilled individuals to accomplish a job together, other times it’s me providing the insights and ideas for another team,” explained Jean.

Eells also works with the program, Women Food and Agriculture Network, as well as Prairie Rivers of Iowa, to provide peer-to-peer learning circles for women farmers and landowners. These partnerships have proven a successful model to get conservation a part of the discussion for women involved in agriculture. Reaching women farmland owners with conservation information always helps build conservation mindsets and encourages them to take steps in protecting their land.  Giving women information, gives them a voice in creating a sustainable future for their land. “Women are better long-term investors, and that speaks of sustainability in all systems, including agro ecological systems,” Eells explained.

Jean believes soil health is the link to all aspects of agriculture far into the future. “Better yields won’t happen until we improve the soil health across the state,” explained Jean, “soil health is the most hopeful message I’ve heard in agriculture in many years.”