IowaEducation and awareness are key components when trying to raise awareness on any topic, this is especially true when talking about the Squaw Cree Watershed. The Squaw Creek Watershed Management Authority is trying to do those exact two things, educate the public and to bring awareness to the situation. They have gone about this by hosting several listening sessions in Stanhope, Gilbert, and Ames. Here the public came to ask questions about the group and what they are trying to achieve with this 20 year plan they are looking to develop.


As the Squaw Creek Watershed Management Authority continues to educate and raise awareness to the situation a great resource to use to keep up to date on the Squaw Creek in your area is the one-stop web-platform from the Iowa Flood Information System (IFIS). Through this site you can access real time community flood conditions, forecast and visualizations, among other great information.


There are different settings and layers you can apply to the map. When you get to the map on the right side the very top icon, you can type in Squaw Creek to get real time information for the watershed. This is a very interesting map to play around with.


Click here for the Iowa Flood Information System Map.