Spring has sprung, and so has the Outdoor Learning Environment Program here at Prairie Rivers of Iowa! We have a lot of ‘buzz’ going about outdoor learning environments and several groups in progress in developing plans for their spaces. (Yes, pollinators including native bees will love your outdoor learning environment! BUZZZZ…)

We are offering our three-phase grant program in partnership with the Living Roadway Trust Fund. The three phase process helps groups in putting their community of supporters together for the project and then leaping into the planning and design. This allows for plenty of planning and organization time before implementation. We have identified that a proper planning and design process is crucial to long-term success for these projects.

We now have a handy resource guide that shows the steps of the grant process and has a good list of other resources with links to other programs and groups.

Click on the link below to view and/or download the resource guide. You can click on the blue links on that last few pages to reach other great resources from across the nation.

Contact Annie Fangman, the Outdoor Learning Environment Coordinator, to begin your project today or learn more about the program! Email: afangman@prrcd.org