Are you interested in building a log cabin in a responsible way that emphasizes the health of Iowa’s forests?

Log cabin under construction
Build your own cabin to stand the test of time.

Our LOG PRODUCTS program specializes in providing Iowa White Oak logs for cabins. Our log cabin logs have a history of quality and durability, and are not found in mainstream construction channels.

Logs are cut at our mill and delivered at your construction site ready to be made into a beautiful cabin. You then have the opportunity to work with your local contractors and lumber companies for roofing, doors, windows, and construction lumber.

Working with us, you will see the non-profit difference and how we are committed to working with public and private entities. We want to enhance your and the public’s opportunity to experience the outdoors while building and supporting recreation/tourism impact on the Iowa economy.


15 person cabin
The Legacy Cabin built by Hamilton County Conservation sleeps up to 15.

The Ideas are Endless!

Our logs can be customized to any design or structure. We can even make arrangements to use logs from your land and manufacture them into your own cabin logs!

We can provide logs to build any design of log cabin. We have a selection of designs and models if you need a starting point.

To learn more about how we can help take control of your building process visit or why we choose Iowa White Oak visit our links on the side.