The Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway Information Guide Booklet

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This booklet has information about attractions along the Lincoln Highway in Iowa. It discusses archaeological, cultural, historical, natural, recreational, and scenic intrinsic qualities.The booklet also contains a map of the Lincoln Highway, starting in central Iowa and going East and starting in central Iowa going West.The map contains markers that correspond with the intrinsic qualities outlined in the booklet.

Generous funding for the creation of the byway brochure was provided by:
Iowa Tourism
Prairie Rivers of Iowa



Adventures Along the Lincoln Highway Activity Book

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Hey Junior Explorers! This activity book is for you. Learn about the Lincoln Highway as the route travels from New York to California going through Iowa from Clinton to Council Bluffs.

There’s a word search, crossword puzzle, a maze, and even a BINGO game to play as you travel the highway. You’ll learn and have fun with this booklet.

Explore the fifteen kid-friendly businesses or attractions listed in the booklet and as you visit be sure to stamp the space on the back. When you have at least eight of the 15 stamps collected, turn the page or book into the byway to the address shown on page one. Once we get it, we’ll send you a prize!

Generous funding for the creation of this byway brochure was provided by:
Iowa Lincoln Highway Association


Iowa Byways Travel Guide

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Iowa Byways is a program of the Iowa Department of Transportation. Please visit to plan your own byway adventure!

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Iowa Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway Recreation & Camping Guide

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In this information guide, we have compiled a few recreational opportunities, and places to unwind and camp along the Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway. Where will your sense of adventure take you next?

This brochure was a compilation of the research done when preparing the Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway Corridor Management Plan.

Please share your adventures with us on our Facebook page as you explore the vibrant Lincoln Highway!

Generous funding for the creation of the byway brochure was provided by:
Iowa Tourism
Prairie Rivers of Iowa