An essential part of our lives is learning – from textbooks and the internet; and probably most importantly, our elders and peers. This learning starts when we are days old and continues the rest of our lives. In our younger years, we learn the basics of life and subjects that lead to life skills and careers. Further on, we dive further into a certain subject or trade of interest in preparation for our career. After plunging into our careers, we further develop our interests in extra-curricular causes and subjects.

For some of us, the extra-curricular causes relate to protecting our natural resources. There are a plethora of natural resources that need protected in this world; for Iowa, the most well-known is our water quality.  In order to improve and protect our water quality, we must first understand what the problem is and how we all can help.


There are resources all around us to gain information on this important topic – advanced science and powerful testimonials. This is a problem and there are many solutions. We must all accept that we do not know everything and we must be willing to learn from others. I have found the greatest learning experiences happen when we least expect them to.

Prairie Rivers of Iowa, along with our partners, work tirelessly on providing strong education to the watershed citizens in the South Skunk River Watershed. For those of you who like to attend events and learn from your peers, we host hands-on workshops, field days, community meetings all year round for you. For those of you who prefer to learn from the comfort of your own home, we have numerous print materials in the education library on our website – and we have a YouTube channel filled with videos of conservationists out doing great work for water quality. As always, we actively provide one-on-one and small group meetings with landowners/producers and community members interested improving soil health and water quality.


Our field days and educational materials provide a direct link between landowner to landowner/producer to producer. This direct connection facilitates authentic learning scenarios with quality, first-hand explanation of the conservation practice implementation.

We are constantly striving to get the best information out to you, and we welcome any feedback on topics you are curious to learn more about. Please shoot at email to me at if you want more information about a topic we haven’t talked much about – facilitating learning is one of our core values here at Prairie Rivers of Iowa! Please keep watching our website and social media for information on upcoming events!