Prairie Rivers of Iowa Office
Prairie Rivers of Iowa Office

Almost 50 years ago, Congress established a unique program within the U.S. Department of
Agriculture that empowered rural people to help themselves. The USDA focus was to assist local people by providing tools and technical support to stabilize and grow their own communities while simultaneously protecting and developing natural resources. The program is called the Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) program. To carry out the RC&D concept, diverse groups of local volunteers (the RC&D Council) are brought together in a unique partnership to find solutions to their problems. Local people are best able to determine needs and create solutions for their communities. The focus on local direction and control has made RC&D one of the most successful rural development programs in the country. The week of September 21-27, 2014, has been designated as National RC&D Week.

Prairie Rivers of Iowa RC&D Council was organized in 2001 as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization. Our mission is “To promote opportunity-based stewardship that will improve the quality of life of our citizens, preserve the ecological integrity of the land, and meet the economic aspirations of landowners and communities.” Our programs, which are statewide, bring local people and organizations together to solve problems and create opportunities that can be found locally in our natural resources.

The development of local leadership and community pride is a key part of our projects and successes and we invite your input and participation. For additional information visit our web site at or call our office at 515-232-0048.


Written by Ervwin Klaas , Board Vice President