This story is in three parts. Make sure to keep an eye out for each piece to learn more about The Hamilton County Conservation Board is proud to proclaim its newest public wildlife management area that will be known as “Brandrup’s Timber”.


Part 2

My grandparents started to acquire the land in the 1940’s and our family has owned the land since.  It is this land that taught me the work ethic of agriculture, instilled the life long passion for hunting and fishing, and the marvel of nature that guided me into a career in forestry and natural resource management.  It is this land that has provided the resources to help sustain five generations of Brandrup’s.


As my wife Pat and I began to look to the future we realized we had the opportunity to do something that maybe hadn’t happened since the time of settlement, or the time the ownership of the land was granted to one person.  We had the opportunity to “Give Back”, to ensure that the land could be used by everyone again, and would be managed in a sustainable manor, forever.  It was important to us to take the most unique, fragile and most diverse part of the farm and ensure it would have the opportunity to return to a naturally sustainable condition.  We wanted to know that the land would be there for all future generations.  By getting the land into public ownership we could be sure the land would always be there and always be protected, and people would have the opportunity to use, enjoy, and learn from the land.  It is our way of helping to give the land a naturally sustainable future and a way of giving back to the land and showing the appreciation and reverence it truly deserves.  A way of protecting the land forever.

This land was once part of the culture of the people who lived on the land but never owned it.  Hopefully by giving back, we can begin to recreate a culture that once again treats the land with respect and dignity and belongs to everyone.  By caring for the land, the land it will be there forever, we only get to use it for a lifetime.


The story doesn’t stop here……

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