When you are building anything, choosing the best wood species for the product is key. Functionality, beauty, grain, and strength are just a few of the key reasons to keep in mind. Many wonder when we talk about building our log cabins why we prefer Iowa White Oak. Yes, your cabin can be made out of almost any type of wood but we are particularly fond of native Iowa White Oak and here is why.
– White oak is one of the strongest woods available
Being strong is a must when it comes to building. Oak is one of  the strongest woods available, meaning it can withstand a lot!
– White oak cabins are low-maintenance
Low-maintenance is key, as this helps bring a lower cost to the person taking care of the cabin. White Oak is very resistant to insect and fungal attacks.
– Iowa white oak is naturally decay resistant
Being naturally decay resistant means better for the environment and the pocket book. There is no need to put harsh preservatives that also may change the look that you are going for as well. You also do not need to worry about reapplying anything or what will happen if you don’t. these cabins will stand for over 100 years!
– Native Iowa white oak is characteristically beautiful in appearance
With a beautiful grain and structure you cannot go wrong with the beauty that Iowa White Oak brings to the table.  Oak is commonly used for furniture and floors, that right there tells you that it is tough and great looking!
– Its superior quality
For all the reasons mentionaed above and more. Iowa native White Oak is a great material to build your next cabin with and we can help with that.
The first settlers in Iowa used white oak logs to build log cabins. White oak was strong, readily available and decay resistant. Now, you can continue the same tradition. Prairie Rivers of Iowa Log Products can supply you with white oak logs for cabin construction.
Log cabin logs and log construction materials are unique and are not normally available through traditional construction channels. We can provide log cabin logs at reasonable prices. Our specialty is manufacturing quality cabin logs and making this product easily available. Buyers can work with their local contractors and lumber companies for roofing, doors, windows, and construction lumber.
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